Children's Activities

(ID Card/Key Tag Front)

(ID Card/Key Tag Back)

Almost every organized sporting association requires the Parent of a participating child to provide emergency contact information at the time of registration. Coaches/Team Managers are to have this information with them at every game/practice.

In reality, most Coaches/Team Managers are volunteers and do not take this information with them to games/practices; but they all take their "Smart Phones".

If your child is injured, he/she will be scared and want YOU to be at their side. Your child's file contains all of the emergency contact information a coach/manager will need to contact YOU IMMEDIATELY via their cell phone should the need arise. ( utilizes JavaScript which enables any "Smart Phone" to access our web site.)

Every Member of is provided three (3) key tags and a credit card sized ID card that can be placed in their wallet, or attached to their sporting equipment bag. Each of these ID cards contain detailed instructions for accessing your child's emergency information file. (See Sample Report)

Now Is The Time To Register, Not After An Incident! has two (2) types of membership plans.

A Family Membership allows one adult and up to five (5) dependents. (A dependent is any child under the age of 21 (twenty-one). Sorry, but Federal HIPPA laws require each adult to have their own membership.) The cost of a Family Membership Plan is only $39.00 for the 1st year and $20.00 for every year thereafter. (Best Value)

An Individual Membership is only $19.00 for the 1st year, and $10.00 for every year thereafter.

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