Have Peace of Mind with instant 'Touch Dialing Missing Pet Recovery' via any "Smart Phone" with our Patent Pending Technology!


Preview Lost Pet Report

Before reviewing the sample Lost Pet Report, I would like to bring to your attention the following information contained in the report:

1. Notice the Pet's photo. We are the only Company that includes a picture of your Pet when someone accesses your file!

2. Notice the comments section of the report. This information is input by you and can contain any information that you deem appropriate. It can include any health information, descriptions, rewards, etc. The comments section is limited to 400 characters. The comment section of the report is, "I am a golden retriever.......to see Nate again!".

3. Notice the ability to include one(1) and/or up to twelve (12) unique telephone numbers. (Only one (1) telephone number is required when registering your Pet, but you can include as many as twelve (12) contact numbers.)

4. All information in the report can be updated/changed as often as you deem necessary at no cost to you! (You may wish to change the contact information when you travel, or when someone else is caring for your Pet.)

5. Lastly, each registered Pet receives our Patent Pending an ID tag with a unique QR Image that can be read by any "Smart Phone" and/or tablet device immediately displaying your contact information!

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