Fund Raising Activities

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Every organization is in need of new and unique methods of raising funds.

Perhaps your organization needs funding for a school trip, a sporting event, band uniforms... The list goes on and on. is a unique product that can be used by every Family and individual! We handle all of the collection, and product delivery while still paying the organization a high commission rate (50%).

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Every Member of is provided three (3) key tags and a credit card sized ID card. has two (2) types of membership plans.

A Family Membership allows one adult and up to five (5) dependents. (A dependent is any child under the age of 21 (twenty-one). Sorry, but Federal HIPPA laws require each adult to have their own membership.) The cost of a Family Membership Plan is only $39.00 for the 1st year and $20.00 for every year thereafter. (Best Value)

An Individual Membership is only $19.00 for the 1st year, and $10.00 for every year thereafter.

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